Protecting workers’ health is no small goal, but it starts with a vision. Turning your vision into a reality is readily achievable.

Regardless of your individual motivations and ambitions, you need resources to help you succeed. Through providing simple and affordable tools, AIHA University may be the next step on your professional pathway. We provide cutting-edge education and training to all industrial hygiene (IH), occupational hygiene (OH), and occupational and environmental health and safety (OEHS) professionals in a wide variety of formats and price levels to fit your needs.

Are You New to OEHS? Start With These Resources

Core Competencies for the Practice of Industrial/Occupational Hygiene, 2018 ed.
This ebook outlines the essential knowledge, skills, and abilities that OEHS professionals working at different levels of practice should possess.

Basic Principles of Occupational Hygiene eLearning Course
Specifically designed for those venturing into OEHS for the first time, this online course introduces the principles at the core of the OEHS profession: that is, the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, and control of hazards found in the workplace. If you want a broader understanding of how your role interfaces with health issues found in modern workplaces, move this course to the top of your list.

Are You Established in Your Career? Level Up With a Certificate or Registry

Use of Direct Reading Instruments Certificate Program
If you use direct-reading instruments (DRI) in your job, this certificate program will show you are a DRI subject matter expert—regardless of whether you use DRIs for data collection, maintain them as specialty tools, or consult them regularly for compliance testing.

Occupational Exposure Assessment Certificate Program
This certificate program builds on the fundamentals of industrial hygiene. Learn to make reliable exposure judgments through understanding how to gather, document, and report monitoring data more effectively.

Making Accurate Exposure Risk Decisions
Accurate exposure risk decisions are critical to risk management programs that protect workers and optimize the use of limited resources. This video series will teach you a basic understanding of the properties of lognormally distributed exposure profiles and how to use traditional and Bayesian statistical analysis tools to make accurate exposure risk decisions based on monitoring data. The use of several freely available statistical tools will be demonstrated using multiple examples. Upon completion of the webinar video series, you will have the knowledge needed for the successful completion of the exam for the AIHA Exposure Decision Analysis Registry.

Prepare for the Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) Exam

CIH Crash Course
Taking (and passing) the CIH exam is a significant step toward advancing your career. Stay on track with your studies and learn at your own pace through this online course. When you’re done, you’ll have a better understanding of the complex topics covered on the exam and be able to take the exam with confidence.

AIHA also provides a variety of additional CIH exam learning tools, including flashcards on the Quizlet app, 24 hours of presentations, practice questions, and a complete CIH practice exam.

Keep Up to Date on the Changing OEHS Field

EHS Generalists Bundle (AIHce EXP 2023 OnDemand)
This AIHce OnDemand bundle includes 9 recordings of introductory-level education sessions from AIHce EXP 2023, covering topics such as management and leadership, climate change, DEI, exposure decision analysis and laboratories.

Focus on Health and Safety – An EHS Photographic Audit for Young Professionals PDC Recording
This professional development course (PDC) addresses the necessity for young OEHS professionals with 5–15 years of experience to expand their technical knowledge and professional experience. The PDC includes a digital plant tour that guides participants through numerous IH, safety, and environmental issues found in a fictitious workplace.

How to Assess and Manage Nano and Advanced Material Risks PDC Recording
This PDC provides a process for responsibly managing nano- and advanced materials: anticipating where nano- and advanced materials (such as those generated by 3D printing activities) may be in the workplace, recognizing the potential for occupational exposures, evaluating exposures using a variety of sampling equipment, and controlling exposures based on prevention through design.

Mitigation Through Decontamination PDC Recording
This PDC covers issues with decontaminating hazardous materials. In order to protect first responders and the public, it is essential that the hazardous materials do not travel from the expulsion zone. The contamination reduction zone is where the decontamination process occurs and where it is necessary to control exposure. The course will address what decontamination is, outline different techniques for chemical, biological, and radiological decontamination, discuss lessons learned from real-world case studies, and highlight unique considerations for special populations. Special populations include individuals who are considered to have functional and access needs and require special circumstances for undergoing the decontamination process efficiently.

Get Intensive Instruction

Fundamentals of Industrial Hygiene Road Course
AIHA University offers road courses that provide an intensive, hands-on introduction to the profession, hosted both virtually on Zoom and in person in Westerville, Ohio. These courses let you fully immerse yourself in basic OEHS principles with instruction from leading experts in the field.

Essential Publications for All OEHS Professionals

AIHA University publications, which range from frequently updated text editions to white papers that cover the latest research, set the standard for the OEHS profession. Access to print and digital versions is quick and easy through our online marketplace. Here are four essential resources for all OEHS professionals:

The Occupational Environment: Its Evaluation, Control, and Management, 3rd ed., vols. 1–2
Known as the “White Book” by OEHS students and professionals, this book is the comprehensive guide on hazard recognition and evaluation, the human environment, program management, and much more.

Industrial Hygiene Workbook: The Occupational Health Sciences, 6th ed.
A primer for everyone who needs to understand the OEHS basics and beyond—from OEHS history, including relevant developments in physiology, anatomy, and law, to pollution, noise, and a myriad of other subjects. This book also includes more than 800 questions for preparing for upcoming CIH or other certification exams.

Industrial Hygiene Reference and Study Guide, 4th ed.
This book is the ultimate quick reference guide for OEHS professionals’ day-to-day use and a must-have for all students and others planning to take certification exams.

Essentials of Exposure Assessment eBook Bundle
This popular digital bundle contains all three ebooks in the Essentials series, which are sourced from peer-reviewed technical sessions presented at AIHce EXP conferences across several years. Want to stay on the cutting edge? Here’s your chance.

Strategic Framework: Enterprise Risk Management
Understanding the concepts of enterprise risk management is crucial in today’s modern workplace. This ebook helps OEHS professionals establish a baseline for what risk means within the sphere of safety and environmental health. With references to subject matter experts from a variety of committees, agencies, and organizations, this resource is a critical component for professionals moving into more strategic leadership positions.

Your Next Career Move

If you have a passion for science and for protecting people and the environment, a career in OEHS might be for you. AIHA offers resources that can help you learn about scholarships available for students pursuing careers in OEHS, research starting salaries and earning potential, and access free videos and ebooks. We also offer an EHS Network subscription opportunity for those interested in learning how AIHA resources offer best-in-class knowledge without a full commitment to membership.

We’re here to help you forge your path to making workplaces and the world healthier. Reach out to us at [email protected] if you have questions or need guidance as you navigate your next career move.